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Dec 9, 2014

Tigers Meeting

Agreement of the team:


Franklin and Angel will remain as the coach and trainer of the team.

Franklin will be the coach in charge of the decision making of the games.

Angel will be the trainer of the team and Franklin will assist in the training.  Of course keeping in mind the of the coach.

Marcelo will participate in all activities as a consultant/substitute.


Suggestion to the Parents:

- After each games pls. do not address the coach specially if it is to complain about your kid playing time on the game.  Talk to the them later or in the next practice.

- Make a calendar for the parents to bring snack/water/ice to the game.

- Registration time deadline is Dec. 20 lets pay the fees ($200).


This was a good meeting.  The club is proud of your collaboration.


Merry Christmas to everyone

Apr 25, 2014
Subject: Administrative information for next year
A couple of things you should be aware of as you start thinking about tryouts and paperwork etc.
1)      NJYS is increasing the cost of every team packet.  As soon as I have those details I will pass them on.
2)      All the registration forms currently posted on the NJYS web site are good for next year.  The Membership forms will not be changing. A Player’s medical release form will be valid for NEXT year as well as long as the information on the form is still current and valid.  The SAGE forms are unchanged, but remember there is a separate form for coaches now. The signed and completed coaches SAGE form must be submitted with your paperwork for next year.  A coach who also is a parent need only sign the coach form.
Any other questions let me know.
Kevin Dearman.



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